Veggin’ Out seed listing



Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce:

icon-heirloom Approx. 1000 seeds per pack.
This fast-growing lettuce variety is loved for its sweet taste. It produces light green …
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Scarlet Nantes Carrot:

Approx. 1000 seeds per pack.
The Scarlet Nantes has a reputation for abundant production and a consistent quality that offers up … read more»


Bull’s Blood Beet:

icon-heirloom icon-organic Approx. 300 seeds per pack.
This dual purpose beet produces striking dark red leaves that enhance multiple dishes. As the plant … read more»


Tavera Green Bean:

icon-organic Approx. 200 seeds per pack.
This stringless French filet bean is characterized by its dark green, slender pod with small white …
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De Cicco Broccoli:

icon-heirloom icon-organic Approx. 200 seeds per pack.
The De Cicco is a popular Italian variety that may be planted in early spring, late summer … read more»


Washington Cherry Tomato:

icon-organic Approx. 40 seeds per pack.
This organic variety produces tomatoes that are meaty and very flavorful. It is a high yielding …
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Marketmore Cucumber:

icon-organic Approx. 200 seeds per pack.
Since 1970, the slender “Marketmore” look has been the standard for slicing cucumbers in the … read more»


White Spear Bunching Onion (Scallion):

Approx. 850 seeds per pack.
The White Spear Bunching Onion is the largest, most attractive variety of bunching onions. You can plant these … read more»


Red Saladbowl:

icon-organic Approx. 1000 seeds per pack.
This slow bolting red oak-leaf type of saladbowl is very appealing. It is characterized by … read more»


Yankee Bell Pepper:

Approx. 30 seeds per pack.
This plant provides wonderful red bells for northern climates. It is a strongly branched plant with good … read more»


Rose Tomato:

icon-heirloom icon-organic Approx. 40 seeds per pack.
This organic/heirloom seed variety came from Dr. Grace Kaiser, a New Holland, PA physician. She was … read more»