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Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Tea

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Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Tea is a premium soil conditioner that is harvested fresh from the pastures of Haven Ranch. Moo Poo Tea, as it is fondly referred to by gardeners everywhere, is sun-dried cow manure that is hand-packed in 100% eco-friendly teabags. This natural tea conditions the soil so your plant's root systems can better absorb nutrients, thus helping to ensure your plants reach their fullest potential. The palm-sized bag measure 4" x 2.2" and is odorless.

Directions: Place teabag in a 5 gallon container, fill with water, cover and allow for it to seep for 2-3 days. Then water your plants with your newly brewed Moo Poo Tea. It's that easy! Store unused tea in a lidded container for up to 3 days. $7.00