Backyard Beekeeping


We’ve mentioned honeybees before in our blog—“Colony Collapse Disorder and Vanishing of the Bees” and “The Buzz: Don’t Miss the Exclusive Arizona Film Premier of Vanishing of the Bees”—and now we’re introducing you to backyard beekeeping.

Backyard beekeeping is just what the name implies, although in big cities some bees are kept on city rooftops! Beekeeping considerations include: tools, equipment, supplies, and town, city or state regulations. Before setting up a backyard beehive you should check with local authorities to make sure it’s okay to set up colonies on your property.

With the current, disheartening state of the honeybee, due to Colony Collapse Disorder, more and more people are turning to backyard beekeeping 1) to help save the honeybee, 2) as a source for plant pollination, and 3) for their very own sweet, sticky honey! While backyard beekeeping may sound a little intimidating, beekeeping hobbyists truly love their bees and the beneficial rewards that come with caring for a beehive. Picture yourself sitting on your patio, enjoying homemade lemonade, watching your very own honeybees pollinating your vegetables. Backyard beekeeping helps to provide the ever important ecosystem service of pollination.

Did you know that 80% of all insect pollination is carried out by honeybees? Honeybees are vital to agriculture, and without honeybee pollination our produce supply would drastically decrease. That is a very scary and real fact. We humans are indebted to the humble honeybee.

Here are three websites to help you determine if backyard beekeeping is for you:

Back Yard Beekeepers Association

Bee Culture: The Magazine of American Beekeeping

Installing a Bee Hive: A Nervous Beginners’ Experiences

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