Seed Saving


One of the greatest joys to be had from growing your own herbs and vegetables is seed saving. Seed saving is one aspect of sustainable living and old as mankind; it’s the traditional way gardens were maintained. The cyclical process of planting | harvesting | planting not only saves you money in the long run, but also offers wonderful rewards.

Whether you may be interested in seed saving as a hobby, to preserve 50+ years of outstanding heirloom varieties, for self reliance, or to provide your family with nutrient-rich foods of outstanding quality, seed saving is an important art form that honors the true taste and texture of our favorite foods. From generation to generation, seeds have provided civilization with a diversity of plants that nourish and sustain. It’s seems only fair that we nourish precious plants back, via seed saving.

If you’re new to seed saving, consider saving seeds from beans, lettuce, peppers and tomatoes, as they offer the greatest chance for successful seed saving. Once you get basic seed saving techniques mastered you can try your hand at saving those vegetables that require more seed saving care.

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