Jerry’s Garden: Yippie for the Hippie?

Eating organically and growing your own foods are not just for the hippies anymore.  In recent times, many of us have begun to learn about and understand the fact that our government is not necessarily providing for us; they don’t exactly have the individual citizen’s well-being in their thoughts.

With the invention of the Internet, we now have easy access to information and opinions from all over the globe.  Our news sources are no longer limited to the newspaper and the evening news.  Because of this, we are now able to educate ourselves and make our own decisions about the foods we eat.

Many of the things we’re learning are not comforting.  We are learning about the massive overuse of chemical herbicides and pesticides on our produce and how these synthetic chemicals are hurting us.  We’re learning about the use (and overuse) of antibiotics and hormones in our meats and the health risks involved.  We’re learning of the inhumane ways animals are treated, whether it be dairy cows being given the bovine growth hormone, chickens living their short lives in cages, pigs having their tails cut off when they’re babies, or any number of other cruelties.

Because we can read information on these things, watch videos, communicate with each other, and SHARE THIS KNOWLEDGE we are no longer “in the dark.”  What that means is that now everybody has the opportunity to be educated and aware.  We are no longer an “ignorance is bliss” people.  And the promising thing is, the majority of us are good people who care enough to at least try to make a difference in our own lives, if not on a broader scale.

We have made choices to live healthier, more natural lifestyles.  We try to be more “green”.  We try to reuse, reduce and recycle more.  More and more of us are purchasing natural and organic foods and many of us are buying from local stores, Farmer’s markets, and co-ops.  A good portion of us are growing our own foods, whether in our own backyard vegetable gardens, in containers, porches and balconies, or even hydroponically.  We, as a people, are taking the steps that we need to take to ensure our own health and safety; our government sure isn’t doing it for us!

When once it was just the hippies who tried to live sustainable lifestyles, many of us are now actively seeking ways to be more like the hippies. Granted, not all of the hippies’ ideas were all that great, they did have some wonderful ideas and forward thinking views on how we impact our world and what we could do to work with it and not against it.

I think we can all learn a thing or two from the hippies.  And now that we have access to unlimited information, we can learn much about what we can do to live happier, healthier, and more sustainable lives.  Maybe the hippies had it right all along…

About the Author:

Jerry Greenfield

My number one focus is growing my own food. I don’t think that really counts as a hobby.  For some people it is, but for me, growing my own fruits and vegetables and saving my own seed is the key to survival. The only person you can count on is yourself, if you ask me. The government is trying to help us all with GMOs and welfare, but it’s all a crock. I also like to build things and read Transcendentalist authors from the 1860s.

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