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Most gardeners have a favorite gardening tool – one they always keep on hand as they work in the garden. If you already have a favorite, get ready to add one more must-have. Humble Seed is excited to introduce a new product to our market: the Humble Seed Garden Planner! Our planner is perfect for the home and hobby gardener, whether you are very experienced or starting a garden for the very first time.

What makes this garden planner unique?

It will help in any region Frost dates differ from region to region, leaving many gardeners wondering when the best times are to plant in their unique area. Humble Seed’s Garden Planner lists all frost dates in the United States and in Canada – making it a reliable reference for every gardener in North America. The frost chart operates off the local last frost, and shows a time-phased format for gardening events that occur before and after the frost date.

It will save time This chart can save countless hours of scrambling for information on the Internet or in expensive books. It covers everything you need to know for a successful garden – including when to sow, grow and harvest 22 different vegetables all year round. For inexperienced gardeners, this must have planner can make or break your garden. Yet, if you are quite experienced, this planner is a great at a glance reference during those busy times.

It will ensure your garden isn’t exposed to frost We understand how critical knowing the average frost dates are to a home garden. This is precisely why the Humble Seed Garden Planner operates off of the local average frost. A red line represents the frost, and clearly shows a time-phased format for when to plant, grow, and harvest your favorite vegetables. To avoid frost using the Garden Planner, simply slide the red line on the chart based off of where you live. Once it’s in position, each column will feature one week, and will display which vegetables to plant after the danger of the frost has passed. The chart also shows indoor and outdoor planting times based off of spring and fall frost dates.

It has a variety of features This ingenious tool has a variety of features; from showing the critical frost dates in your region, to when to plan your important gardening events. In addition, by pulling the chart open, it reveals the planting depth, distance between rows, and the distance between plants after thinning for 22 different vegetables. Furthermore, by flipping the chart over – gardeners can access fall and spring planting information so that you can enjoy the benefits of a garden all year round.

It’s at the right price With so many useful features; you simply cannot find a comparable gardening tool at this price. At $6.00, this ingenious tool can be shipped to you just in time to start your spring garden.

About Us:

Humble Seed specializes in premium garden seed kits that are packaged and themed for convenience and ease.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality heirloom, non-GMO, non-hybrid, and organic seed varieties to those who choose to start from seed.

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