Humble Seed: Supplementing Your Food Supply and Savings

According to the Garden Writers Association—an organization of over 1,800 professional communicators in the lawn and garden industry—37% of households researched in November plan to increase their edible gardens in 2010. And, the main reason given was to supplement household food supply.

Growing your own foods is truly a great way to save you money. You can freeze your carrots and green peppers, can your peppers and tomatoes, make pickles and relishes, and enjoy seasonal supplies of fresh, flavorful, and nutritional herbs and vegetables that rise above what you can find in the produce department.

At Humble Seed, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best seeds at the best prices, and with our company launch, we’re offering great deals that will help make your horticultural happenings time-saving and money-saving. For a limited time, our Humble Seed Trio—Hot Mama’s Peppers and Chiles, Uncle Herb’s Favorites, and Veggin’ Out—can save you nearly 20% off of the $79.95 combined total retail price—click on our ‘buy seeds’ link to get your code!

It’s a great time for growing your own foods!

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