Guest Video Blog: Power Reasons to Grow Power Food

Adam Hart is a nutritional coach, whole foods chef, speaker and author. He been a nutritional researcher for 10 years, studying the ideal foods for attaining optimal health. Make sure to check out Adam’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages.  A ton of great information!
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  1. My first visit to your site- LOVE IT!! I am totally into growing my own and have been doing so for a long time. I agree, it is a great experience and the flavor (which means the nutritional value as well) is sooo much better. It’s hard to eat anything but homegrown.
    Also recently got into the world of raising chicks for fresh veggie fed organnic free range eggs-from our own backyard.
    Gota go now read more of your posts :-)

  2. Thanks Gardening Jones! We appreciate your kinds words and glad you have found us! We also have a fun and vibrant community that is growing by the day on Facebook. You will have access to our contests,discounts,and other fun stuff. We hope to see you on Facebook too!

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