GLEPE Humble Seed Giveway: Tongue of Fire Bush Bean

Tongue of Fire Bush Bean

Many thanks to those who took the time to visit with us and talk seed at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo this past weekend. As promised, here is more information about the sample seed giveaway and don’t let the name of this bush bean scare you!

The Tongue of Fire Bush Bean is actually a very strikingly beautiful bean. Mature pods are ivory white with streaks of red coloring that look similar to flames, thus, Tongue of Fire. It has been said that the original Tongue of Fire seed was from Tierra del Fuego, on the tip of South America. From there, seeds were then sent to Italy and subsequently spread throughout southern Europe. Today, everyone can enjoy the beauty and taste of this unique horticultural bean.

Tongue of Fire Bush Bean pods can be harvested while young (before red streaks become too visible) and enjoyed like snap beans. The young pods are great for stir-fry dishes or any other way that you enjoy snap beans. Once mature the shelled beans of Tongue of Fire are large and round, and they offer excellent taste and texture. They can be canned, frozen or enjoyed fresh.

Maturing in 70 days, you can have a wonderful supply of Tongue of Fire Bush Beans for a variety of delicious dishes, from cold bean salads to soups and stews. This is a beauty in the garden and a taste bud pleaser.  Please feel free to open and print off this handy growing guide too! —–>Tongue of Fire Growing PDF

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