Gardening FAQ Slide Show Now Available


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your family, community or school on seeds and healthy eating basics.

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Do you want to know about the difference heirloom seeds and hybrid seeds or other essential information about what seeds sources are better for healthier foods?

Then our new slide show on the benefits of having your own vegetable and herb garden is for you.

The “Learning Seed Lingo” slide show is perfect for presentations for your gardening clubs or schools. It can confusing to try to remember what non-GMO seeds, hybrid seeds and heirloom seeds are about and to understand the subtlities of seed terminology. That is why we came up with this informative slide show. We wanted to give people an entertaining primer on seeds and the nutritional benefits of gardening. We also added some cool seed food facts that will open up your eyes.

You can use this slide show for your school or club presentation. It is especially good for introducing the unitiated in the nutritional benefits of growing your own food from quality seeds.

Let us know about any feedback you are getting from the Learnig Seed Lingo slide show. It is part of our ongoing effort, at Humble Seed to educate the public on the value of non-hybrid, non-GMO and organic seed banks for the long term nutritional needs of communities and families.

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