Garden Heroes and Villains

Did you know there are heroes and villains in your garden that come in all shapes and sizes? From villainous whiteflies, which feed off of plants by sucking the plant’s juices, to heroic lady bugs, which enthusiastically eat aphids, learning the difference between good and bad garden animals, bugs, and even bacteria can help you maintain and preserve the healthy foods you grow.

If you’re a current Humble Seed Facebook fan then chances are you’ve seen the questions posted from other fans about some of the heroic and villainous creatures and critters they’ve dealt with, along with our suggestions. Every garden needs insects, because many insects pollinate plants, so one of the best things a food grower can do is to have a better understanding of how to work with the good guys and manage the bad guys.

Starting this week, we’ll be featuring a garden hero and villain every week and posting to our blog and Facebook page. If you have not become a Humble Seed Facebook fan then we encourage you to do so, because we’re here for you, to make your food growing experiences the very best they can be.

Check back soon!

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