Basic Garden Accessories and Tools to Have on Hand


Have you ever driven past a garden that looked postcard pretty? It’s a breathtaking sight to see, with neatly manicured plants and rows that look like they’ve been kissed by Mother Nature. Although Mother Nature does help in making a garden bloom and thrive, it’s also the garden tools that a gardener uses that create an outdoor oasis worthy of admiring and celebrating with outdoor feasts.

Garden accessories and tools are indispensible and easy to come by, whether you buy them at a garden center or flea market. Here are seven basic garden tools every gardener should have on hand:

1. Bow Rake. Bow rakes are used for removing clods of earth or rocks from the soil and leveling the soil after it’s been turned. There are short tines on one side and a flat side on the other—for smoothing the soil just before planting.

2. Garden Gloves. If you garden, you’re going to use your hands at some point. It’s inevitable. Garden gloves help protect your hands from rough weeds, thorns, water, etc.

3. Garden Shears. Also called clippers, garden shears are a gardener’s best friend when it comes to shaping plants and removing branches or dead or overgrown leaves. If you’ve ever dreamed about being a hairdresser trimming your garden plants is a great way to live out that hairdresser fantasy, in a roundabout way! Once you step back to witness your Edward Scissorhands handy work, you’ll feel thoroughly satisfied, as long as you don’t get scissor happy!

4. Hoe. This handy garden tool will help you aerate the surface of your garden by breaking up the soil. Aerating helps reduce soil compaction and allows for deeper root growth. A garden hoe is also an excellent tool for dealing with stubborn weeds.

5. Shovel. Shovels are the I’m-not-messing-around garden tool, ideal for turning large clods of dirt and digging holes, for shrubs and trees.

6. Spading Fork. A spading fork looks similar in shape to a shovel, but it has tines instead of a solid scooper. It’s a great tool for digging down into hard soil to help break up the ground.

7. Watering Can. While you may have a garden hose handy to water your garden, a long-nozzled watering can is a good garden accessory for watering young seedlings. The long nozzle ensures a more gentle flow rate.

While each of these garden tools is fairly inexpensive, you may want to start purchasing one or two a little at a time before the spring gardening seasoning arrives. If you’re planning on container gardening, you may want to consider smaller garden accessories and tools, like our 7-Piece Humble Garden Tool Tote.

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