A Glimpse Into Off the Rack, Tortured Seeds


Did you know that seeds can be tortured? It’s true. Humble little seeds are living things that are dormant until placed in the right conditions. When exposed to elements such as heat and moisture, the life of seeds can be gravely compromised. Have you ever noticed how seeds are stored at big box stores? Many times, they’re placed in the hot sun or near plants that get misted. The paper packets that these seeds are stored in do not protect them from these elements.

Seeds need to be stored in environmentally controlled conditions in order to ensure optimum germination and prolong their lives. That’s why we store our seeds in environmentally controlled conditions up to the point of shipping. Before being shipped, seeds are packaged in re-sealable Mylar® bags which provide great seed protection, as well as the opportunity to plant now or later. And, if you are a seed saver, you can re-use your Mylar® bags to save seeds from the plants you grow. We pamper our seeds so much that we even play classical music to them in our storage facility.

Once purchased, keep seeds stored in a dry and cool place, such as in an airtight container in your refrigerator. Also, keep seed varieties separated from each other in clearly labeled packets. If stored in the right conditions, seeds will remain viable for years.

While it may be fun to shop off the rack for new clothes, you should never shop off the rack for seeds.  They’re too valuable a resource to torture by storing them in the wrong conditions.

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