Why Every Gardener Needs a Potting Shed


No gardener should be without a potting shed. It one of the most versatile of all gardening accessories, and it can enhance your gardening experience by far more than what you would pay for it. It is a storage area, a greenhouse and a workroom all in one, and yet it takes up relatively little space. It is the perfect place to plant seeds, plan your garden or just relax. Most potting sheds have a potting table, space for larger tools, several large windows, and plenty of shelves for seeds, soil, fertilizer, small gardening tools and young plants.

A potting shed is the ideal place to plant seedlings or move plants to larger pots. Potting is a messy job, and the shed helps to keep the mess out of your house and off of your floors. To clean up afterwards, all you need to do is wipe the table and sweep the dirt out the door. At the same time, the shed provides shade in the summer and shelter from the wind and rain, so it is much better than potting plants outside. In addition, the table in a potting shed is at the perfect height for you to stand while planting instead of bending over and straining your back.

A potting shed also organizes and protects your gardening supplies. It gives you a place to lock up your lawnmower, shovels, hoses and gardening shears so that thieves aren’t tempted by them. It keeps tools out of the weather so that they don’t rust, and it protects larger tools from temperature changes that can ruin them. Most potting sheds have tool racks in them, which makes it easy to find your shovel or rake when you need it. A potting shed is also a great place to store hoses and watering cans in the winter so that they don’t freeze and break.

Another advantage of a potting shed is that it protects your plants. It can be extremely discouraging to work hard at a garden only to have it eaten by animals, and a potting shed prevents this from happening. It also protects delicate young seedlings from wind and extremes of temperature, and it keeps slugs and snails away from them. Not only that, but a potting shed allows you to start your plants much earlier than you would otherwise be able to. The large windows in the shed give your plants plenty of light, and grow lights can be added for additional warmth if needed.

If you need a space to plan your garden, a potting shed is perfect for that as well. It is warm and dry, and it has plenty of space to spread out seed catalogues or sketch out garden plots. It is also quiet and away from distractions, so you can think about your garden or anything else you’d like without being disturbed. If you want, you can leave your seed catalogues lying around in the shed without worrying about other members of the family bothering them. In addition, you can use the wall space in the shed to hang a calendar where you can mark your planting dates or make a weeding schedule.

You can also use your potting shed after your plants have finished growing. If you raise herbs or flowers, you can dry them in the shed. If you grow onions, you can hang them from the ceiling and allow them to dry without getting in your way. You can arrange bouquets, put herbs in jars or store potatoes. In fact, you can even use your shed for things unrelated to gardening: such as crafts, pottery or art. The possibilities with a potting shed are truly endless, and every serious gardener needs one.

This guest post was written by Thomas O’Rourke on behalf of Tiger Sheds – where you can find your very own potting shed. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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