September Is National Preparedness Month!


Did you know it’s National Preparedness Month? Are you considering boosting your disaster preparedness this month? Then you may want to consider adding The Producer Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank to your bug-out bag, survival seed bank, or to a shelf until needed. With approximately 26,000 non-GMO, organic, and heirloom seeds in this seed kit, this is our most valuable emergency seed bank that can help your family not only survive, but thrive during a disaster. If you’re intrigued, feel free to learn more about our ultimate seed bank, and how it can help your family better prepare for an emergency.

About The Producer: It’s our ultimate vegetable and herb seed bank and it’s equipped with 26 varieties of non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds (savable seed), including many certified organic and/or heirloom varieties as well. The Producer Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank offers some of the highest germination rates within the industry. All seed is packed within triple-layered, Mylar® envelope with a heavy duty zip-lock seal.

Why Emergency Seed Banks? Many of us want to be prepared in any type of natural or economic disaster, and creating your own emergency seed bank is one way to ensure your seeds are viable when you need them most. We selected a wide variety of seeds that are non-hybrid heirloom and non-genetically modified, as well as organic. Our superior packaging acts as a barrier to both moisture and light- ensuring that your seeds remain fresh until planting. The zip-lock feature allows you to plant some seed now while saving some for later. Your Producer will ship within an FDA approved food-storage container.

You’ll be confident in knowing that your seeds are protected from any possible chemical leaching that may occur with PVC, unsafe plastics, or other cheap storage materials you may find with other seed banks. The compact container is also water and rodent proof.

Seeds That Can Save Your Life: In The Producer, we selected fruits and vegetables with the highest nutritional content. We focus on the fact that we want families not just surviving during a disaster, but thriving. Below are a just a few examples of how our seeds can become valuable to your health in an emergency:

*Red Express Cabbage: This leafy green aids in digestion, is loaded with Vitamins C and K, has more antioxidants are found in red cabbage than in green, boosts immunity, and reduces inflammation.
*Rose Tomatoes: Long known for it’s ability to prevent cancer and heart disease, in the short term, tomatoes can fight constipation, boost mood, and provide nutrients essential for long-term health.
Bull’s Blood Beet: Beets have a high vitamin C and fiber content, and have been proven to lower blood pressure, improve stamina, and detoxify the body.
*Crimson Sweet Watermelon: Watermelon is well known to hydrate the body and add alkalinity, and studies are now showing that it can lower blood pressure, regulate digestion, and reduce muscle soreness.

*Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard: Swiss Chard lowers blood pressure, improves athletic performance thanks to improving muscle oxygenation, and provides a stunning amount of Vitamins C and K, as well as essential like Potassium and Magnesium to your diet. 

Storing Fruits and Vegetables: Canning your leftover fruits, vegetables and herbs from your survival garden can prevent waste and is a great way to prepare you and your family for most unexpected emergencies. Using mason jars and two-piece lids will suit you just fine for canning foods. Make sure the food, cans and lids are sterilized before you label and place the jars in storage for later use. Freezing food in airtight bags will also retain most of the nutritional value, while blanching vegetables before freezing can stop enzymatic activity that slowly causes the quality of the food to dissipate. Remember that freezing is better for short-term consumption, as a loss of power could mean the loss of your food if you do not have a backup generator.

Pssst: Humble Seed has spared no expense in protecting and preserving your investment! Approx. 26000 seeds per kit. Normally retails for $99.99 ($3.85 per pack). On sale now! 35% discount applied in shopping cart. $64.99 ($2.50 per pack)

***Friends, what are you doing to become better prepared for National Preparedness Month? ***

Humble Seed specializes in premium garden seed banks that are packaged and themed for convenience and ease. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality heirloom, non-GMO, non-hybrid, and organic seed varieties to those who choose to start from seed. We’re also proud to say we have taken the Safe Seed Pledge!!

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