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Companion Planting: Best Friends in the Garden

February 22nd, 2011


Companion planting is more than planting your favorite vegetables together; it’s beneficial! When you plant flowers, herbs, and vegetables together it attracts garden hero birds and insects into your garden; birds and insects which are natural predators to those garden villains that like to eat plants. Companion planting—to attract beneficial birds and insects—is one of Mother Nature’s organic gardening methods. Aromatic flowers and herbs planted alongside vegetables also help confuse and deter garden villains that seek out specific plants.

Another benefit to companion planting is the ability to shade lower-growing, shade-tolerant plants by planting tall-growing plants near them. By shielding lower-growing, shade-tolerant plants with tall-growing plants, this will result in higher yields. One example is planting corn next to squash.

Here are some Humble Seed plants, perfect for companion planting for a harmonious garden:

Bull’s Blood Beet pairs well with White Spear Bunching Onion.

Rose Tomato pairs well with Scarlet Nantes Carrot, Purly Chives, White Spear Bunching Onion, and Titan Parsley.

Scarlet Nantes Carrot pairs well with Purly Chives, Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce, Common Sage, and Rose Tomato.

Tuffy Acorn Squash and Yellow Crookneck Squash pair well with Double Standard Corn and Nasturtium (an annual flower).

Companion planting increases the biodiversity of your garden, and certain plants most definitely benefit when other plant species are planted near them. This spring give companion planting a whirl!

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What’s Been Growing with Humble Seed?

August 18th, 2010

Here are some photo’s of what people have been growing this year with their Humble Seed. All seen here were direct seeded and germinated quickly into very healthy and plentiful plants!

Costata Romanesco Zucchini

“Hello All – We thought we would share our recent pics of our wonderful Humbleseed veggies! We live in Michigan and are focused on eating naturally, which is why we have chosen Humbleseed….My husband and I have gardened most of our life, and we have to admit, the zucchini and summer squash plants are the biggest we have ever seen! The veggies are delicious! We are looking forward to the melons and harvesting our seeds! Thank you Humbleseed!”

Crimson Sweet Watermelon

“We tried growing other watermelon and cantelope seeds last year, and all we got was a tiny little melon my children shared for a snack….Not this year! We have at least 24 watermelon and 30 cantelope currently growing on the vines, with many more flowers still blooming. Depending on weather, we are expecting to have our first melon ready in 3 to 4 weeks..”

Marketmore Cucumber

“This weekend was our first pick in which we harvested 40 cucumbers, with many more to come!! I’m looking for a good dill pickle canning recipe if anyone has one to share…”

Superbo Basil

“Mom grew her basil in a container on the porch. The basil was very robust and aromatic! Pesto is the besto!”

Yellow Crookneck Squash

“In this picture you can see the summer squash. We usually grill it with just a touch of olive oil. The kids also love it!”

Sweet Granite Cantaloupe

“A couple of the Cantelope, they look great!!”

Bull's Blood Beets

“We’re very exicted for the beets….One of my favortie summer time veggies! There is nothing like FRESH beets!”

Tavera Green Bean

“We had the Humbleseed beans tonight for dinner, they were wonderful! We usually steam them and serve with just a touch of butter…I like to sprinkle a little steak seasoning on mine!”

Please forward on your Humble Seed harvest pictures-we would love to seem them!

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