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Guest Blog: My fight against GMOs-The Agtivists documentary

September 17th, 2012

My name is Zofia Hausman and I am a British film maker and human rights activist. I am in the process of producing a documentary that will take a critical look at the prevalence of genetically modified organisms and the bio-tech industries that have monopolized our food supply.

The film will delve into the work of The Agtivists, four American pioneers who have put their lives and reputations on the line to challenge the corporate control of our food supply. It will reveal groundbreaking new research, helping us to understand how GMOs, crops that have had their DNA altered in a laboratory by the addition of genes from other plants, animals, or bacteria, have an impact on every single human being on the planet. You probably aren’t aware that 70 percent of ingredients in our supermarkets contain genetically modified organisms – many countries have banned or severely restricted the production of GMOs, but here in the United States, the companies producing our food don’t even have to mention them on the label.

This type of genetic modification is experimental and largely untested, and over 80 percent of the transmuted crops are being designed to withstand direct application of herbicides and pesticides – chemicals that end up on your plate. What evidence we do have is not reassuring – take GMO corn, for example. Genetically modified Bt corn, which contain an EPA registered pesticide, is engineered so that when corn worms bite into the ear of corn, their stomachs explode. These Bt pesticide toxins have been linked to cell membrane death and leaky gut, as well as kidney cell damage in humans. They have recently been found in the blood of 93% of pregnant women tested, as well as 80% of their unborn babies. Other GMOs such as sugar, canola and soy have also been genetically engineered to tolerate high levels of a chemical called glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp. This chemical is being linked to birth defects, inflammatory bowel disease, certain cancers, and organ damage as well as environmental problems.

We have a right to know what we are putting into our bodies, but right now we are ingesting these toxins without our consent and involuntarily participating in what some scientists believe to be the greatest human experiment in the history of mankind. My goal is to finish this film as soon as possible, so we can release this information to the world and give everyone an opportunity to become conscious consumers. In this war on GMOs, information is power.

I invite you to join me on this journey and become a sponsor of The Agtivists and an integral part of the larger solution. We can no longer rely on our governments to stand up against corporate agendas; it is we, the people, who must take action to ensure a just and cooperative world. It is up to us to bring an end to this human experiment and reclaim our food supply! Please help by spreading the word with your friends, family, and professional networks. We are all in this together, and what we need right now is each other.

Watch the trailer to the film here:

You can learn more about the film at our Facebook and Twitter pages: and


Zofia Hausman, Director, The Agtivists

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Guest Blog: Jerry’s Garden- GM(n)O

March 17th, 2011


Hi Everybody!  Hope you’ve all been well since my last article!  In this article, I’ll be talking about GMO foods—especially fruits and vegetables.  There are many reasons why genetically modified foods are not good for you.  But before we even delve into all that, it’s important for all of us to understand what GMO food really is.

Genetically modified foods, or GMO foods, are any kind of food that has purposely had specific changes made to its DNA. These changes have been made by humans and are not brought about by natural means over time. It’s natural for all organisms to change over time, whether it’s an extremely gradual change, or a relatively quick change caused by mutations, radiation, and other environmental factors.  These changes help the organism adapt to its environment and typically make it stronger.

With genetically modified foods, human interaction forces the organisms to change–unnaturally.  Certain genes in the organism’s make-up are purposely removed or introduced to the organism’s DNA. Whether it be a gene to help the organism grow faster, brighter, juicer, etc., the bottom line is, it is certainly not natural.

The theory and reasoning behind GMO foods is such: If humans can manipulate nature, and produce foods that are “better” for us, then the end result will surpass the questionable means and we (humans) can benefit from these “better” foods.

However, many studies have shown that GMO foods are less nutritious and can actually be harmful to humans and other animals. Lab rats fed GM foods were shown to develop lesions in their stomachs and other intestinal problems. GMO foods have also been shown to cause liver, kidney, and heart damage in mammals.

In addition, many GMO fruits and vegetables are much lower in the nutrients found in non-GMO foods.  Some of these include calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin C.  Studies have shown that over the last two decades, these nutrients have been on a steady decline in our fruits and vegetables! What is the point of eating fruits and vegetables if you’re not getting any of the nutrients normally derived from these plants?!

The draw to GMO foods is, of course, that they grow faster and produce more.  But we can’t just look at the short-term benefits of these foods; we need to consider the long-term effects as well.  And I truly think that anyone who does their research and discovers the long-term effects of these foods will be willing to wait a bit longer and eat a bit less!

About Jerry Greenfield:

Jerry Greenfield


My number one focus is growing my own food. I don’t think that really counts as a hobby.  For some people it is, but for me, growing my own fruits and vegetables and saving my own seed is the key to survival. The only person you can count on is yourself, if you ask me. The government is trying to help us all with GMOs and welfare, but it’s all a crock. I also like to build things and read Transcendentalist authors from the 1860s.

Connect with Jerry via his blog and Facebook page: Grow Like Crazy

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