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Composting: Discover Which Bin Is Right For You

February 16th, 2013

So you’ve read about the benefits of composting, and now you’re eager to get started. But what composing bin is right for you? Between compost tumblers, enclosed bins, rolling bins, or a simple, homemade bin – choosing the right bin for your needs can be confusing. We’ve de-mystified the most popular styles of composting bins so that your garden is flourishing this spring, with the help of the food scraps in your kitchen.

Compost Tumblers

Pros: These circular, self-turning bins aerate compost by cranking or rolling the container with a handle. They can build a steady supply of compost every few weeks, and are ideal for small backyard spaces. These composting bins are also a lot easier to use compared to turning up an open pile with a pitchfork.

Cons: Once the composting bin is completely full, expect to wait anywhere from 2-10 weeks for the contents to process before adding more materials.  They can be pricey, and will also run you anywhere from $100 – $500.

Enclosed Bins

Pros: Enclosed bins are ideal for someone seeking low-maintenance composting, as family members can easily lift a lid to throw in composting materials. There are a variety of enclosed bin styles – from bins specifically made for composting, to a simple garbage can with a lid. Most enclosed bins will also keep rain, pests, and wildlife out very well.

Cons: While low maintenance, the processing time can be quite long (up to two years) because the materials are not aerated routinely. Unfortunately, low maintenance composting can also mean a longer wait time for rich results.

Rolling Bins

Pros: Rolling bins are convenient because of their removable lid, which makes it easy to turn the soil while keeping out pests and rain. Like the name suggests, the bin can be rolled to your garden or yard waste, and rolled back. You’re also able to aerate and turn the compost pile every few days by tumbling it around.

Cons: A rolling bin is not necessary for small backyards, and work best in large yards. Bins can also become challenging to roll once they are very full.

Simple, Homemade Bins

Pros: Simple, homemade bins can be made from a variety of inexpensive materials. Many choose to create their bins from lattice panels, plywood, cinder blocks, wood pallets, or a trash can. We like this guide to making a few different styles. Most homemade bins can be made in a day or weekend, and if made well, can work well for many years.

Cons: Wooden compost bins may rot within a year or two.

Friends, which composting bins have been the most successful for your needs? What bins are you eager to try?



About Us:

Humble Seed specializes in premium garden seed kits that are packaged and themed for convenience and ease.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality heirloom, non-GMO, non-hybrid, and organic seed varieties to those who choose to start from seed.

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Humble Seed Announces A New Product: Cow Manure Tea!

December 13th, 2011

Does your garden need a little pick me up? Has it been through bad weather, experienced club root or does it just need a little reviving? Believe it or not, a naturally brewed tea may be just the component to enhance both your perennials and annuals. Humble Seed is excited to announce that they will begin selling Authentic Haven’s Brand Natural Brew for your garden! Humble Seed is introducing their line of cow manure teas that have been proven to cultivate a thriving garden. Haven’s Livestock Producers raises only grass-fed cows, guaranteeing no antibiotics, pesticides, or growth hormones in their products.  Health conscious and green-minded folks will love knowing that they can kiss toxic chemicals goodbye as they naturally grow their indoor and outdoor gardens.

About Cow Manure Tea: For years, farmers and home gardeners have relied on home brewed cow manure teas for enriching their gardens. The tea is comprised of a natural cow manure; one of the best tools for improving your garden’s fertility and growth, while also giving your plants a boost during preliminary cropping time and in poor weather conditions.  The tea acts as a soil conditioner, creating a strong root base and allowing plant roots to better absorb the nutrients they need. The product is shipped to you in environmentally friendly packaging, and is exceptionally easy to use.

What plants will benefit? A variety of house plants, container plants, vegetable gardens, shrubs, grass lawns and rose gardens will thrive when you use Haven’s Natural Brew Tea.

How Does It Work? You can implement the tea in your garden just days after receiving the tea. Simply brew one tea bag in a five-gallon container of water and allow to steep for a few days.   A large watering can will suit you just fine.  Once brewed, water your plants at the roots, avoiding vegetables and any edible parts of the plant.  In a few weeks, you will notice your garden stander taller and more vibrant than ever before.

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