5 Reasons To Start A Garden in 2013

Instead of the usual New Year’s resolution to battle the bulge, why not vow to learn something new? Starting your own garden is a rewarding activity to master, and is the perfect resolution for those that also want to get outdoors more, save money, and eat healthier. Plus, you don’t have to wait for spring to begin. Start an indoor garden of fresh herbs on January 1st!

Our Top 5 Reasons To Start Your Garden In 2013

Reason #1: You’ll have easy access to fresh food, grown organically and sustainably. Instead of driving to the grocery store to pick up perhaps some not-so fresh vegetables that have traveled great distances, take out the middleman this year. With some planning, you can build a garden with everything you enjoy just a few steps from your kitchen. Be sure to choose seed varieties that are organic and non-GMO to ensure your family is also eating healthfully and sustainably in 2013.

Reason #2: It’s personally rewarding. From seed to harvest, the joy of watching your garden grow and flourish can be a rewarding experience like no other. Many avid gardeners attest that they enjoy being out in the garden so much; they continue to do so through lifestyle changes, growing age, financial circumstances, and busy work lives. They find that the surprising personal rewards go beyond having your own source of food (though, that is rewarding too!).

Reason #3: It gets the entire family outdoors: Gardening is more than just growing food and flowers. It’s a way for kids and adults to stay active and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Plus, FitDay says that the average gardener burns 230 calories an hour. Now that beats watching TV any day!

Reason #4: You can save some cash: Even if you start small, you can slash your food bill by planting a garden. In fact, the nonprofit National Gardening Association produced a study that determined an average family spends just $70 a year on a small to medium-sized vegetable garden. For many families, that means thousands of dollars in savings. Now the real question is, what could you spend the extra cash on?

Reason #5: It’s a hobby you can teach and share with others. Gardening offers a unique opportunity to integrate the greater community into the benefits of growing your own food. Whether that means showing your grandchildren how to water a garden, or starting a community garden – gardening has a way of connecting people together.

Sending warm and heartfelt New Year wishes to you from all of us at Humble Seed!

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