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Food Supply Shortages Are a Real Possibility

April 29th, 2010

From climate change to natural disasters, and even human ignorance, there are occurrences that take place in the world that affect food supplies. Two occurrences, out of many, that have been in the spotlight recently are seed shortages and what is known as the topsoil crisis.

It’s hard to imagine not being able to enjoy vegetables such as cucumbers and snap peas, but according to a recent Associated Press article, ‘Wet Summer, More Demand Could Create Seed Shortage,’ that possibility is generating a desire in more people to grow their own foods for seed.

Due to poor seed crops, for American and European seed-growers alike, American seeds are in high demand. This could create a domino effect: seed shortages lead to higher seed demands, and higher seed demands could lead to food supply shortages, which could lead to yet more increases in food costs at the grocery store.

The “topsoil crisis” refers to the depletion of arable land in the world. Topsoil erodes, and due to human civilization and common agricultural practices, our planet is losing vital agricultural soils at an accelerated pace. While our food supply is not depleted, as of yet, the affect that soil degradation could have on our ability to grow food for the world’s population is a serious concern of scientists, because scientists know that the death of a civilization can happen relatively fast.

While it can be discouraging and somewhat scary to read about the future of our food supplies, whether that be via seed shortages or the topsoil crisis, it makes the idea of growing foods that much more appealing, with a philosophy, “from seed, for seed.” While our planet is losing vital agricultural soils, people can turn to their own yards to nourish the land that they have access to, for better foods and peace of mind.

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Celebrate Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary with New Green Practices

April 22nd, 2010

Have you thought about how you will honor Earth Day? There’s no better time than the present to consider new green practices to make life better, for yourself, your family, and the planet. And, today, there are more eco-friendly options than ever to help you green your lifestyle, including: purchasing clothes made from sustainable fabrics, contacting your local power utility company to ask about their Green Power or Green Energy Options, updating your home with recyclable materials, bringing back the clothesline to dry your clothes (according to Planet Green, the dryer is number two on the list of household energy hogs), and, the list goes on and on.

Another great way to incorporate more green into your life is by growing your own foods, and one great convenience with growing your own foods is that you can start out as small or as big as you are able. Whether you are limited to container or greenhouse gardening, or even if you have a section of your yard suitable for Hot Mama’s Peppers and Chiles and Uncle Herb’s Favorites, growing your own foods is more doable and easier than you may believe, and it’s therapeutic. Once you begin growing from seed and reaping the many benefits of your very own ‘local’ foods, the satisfaction you’ll receive is a powerful motivator to continue living a sustainable food lifestyle.

Having your own garden is like having your own small healthy ecosystem. From nurturing chemical-free soil to growing heirloom, organic, non-GMO, and non-hybrid seeds, and feeding your family the freshest foods sourced from your yard to composting kitchen leftovers to enrich your garden soil, each of these steps help make a healthy difference in your life and the planet.

Keep it real, and go green!

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Humble Seed – “Life As A Seed”

April 19th, 2010

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Love at First Sprout

April 19th, 2010

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The Vegetable Apocalypse!

April 19th, 2010

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Preppers Prepping for the Future

April 18th, 2010

Considering the disasters that have taken place in the last ten years, it’s understandable that people have become more concerned about their personal well-being when thinking about possible future catastrophes, such as man-made or natural disasters. Many of these people, who think and plan ahead for future emergencies, fall under the category of ‘preppers.’
Preppers—not necessarily survivalists who can be dropped off in any remote location and live off of the land—educate their families and prepare their homes in order to help survive major disasters. Preppers take a back to basics approach to living that includes greater personal obligation, and today, who can argue that knowing first aid, being able to grow your own foods, and having a food supply for a couple of months and additional emergency back-up plans are bad ideas? Throughout history there have always been people who have prepared for possible disasters, but today, with the internet, preppers are able to connect with each other and share their plans and thoughts on preparedness. Prep, prepare, prepping … for preppers, it’s a common sense approach to living in uncertain times. If you’re interested in learning more about the prepping lifestyle, visit .
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Humble Seed: Supplementing Your Food Supply and Savings

April 6th, 2010

According to the Garden Writers Association—an organization of over 1,800 professional communicators in the lawn and garden industry—37% of households researched in November plan to increase their edible gardens in 2010. And, the main reason given was to supplement household food supply.

Growing your own foods is truly a great way to save you money. You can freeze your carrots and green peppers, can your peppers and tomatoes, make pickles and relishes, and enjoy seasonal supplies of fresh, flavorful, and nutritional herbs and vegetables that rise above what you can find in the produce department.

At Humble Seed, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best seeds at the best prices, and with our company launch, we’re offering great deals that will help make your horticultural happenings time-saving and money-saving. For a limited time, our Humble Seed Trio—Hot Mama’s Peppers and Chiles, Uncle Herb’s Favorites, and Veggin’ Out—can save you nearly 20% off of the $79.95 combined total retail price—click on our ‘buy seeds’ link to get your code!

It’s a great time for growing your own foods!

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Become a Humble Seed Facebook Fan

April 5th, 2010

As Humble Seed takes root, we want to make sure that you know about all of the great happenings taking place in our company. To stay in the know, become a fan of our Humble Seed Facebook page. Not only will we be able to interact and share stories, but you’ll also be able to enjoy fun contests, promotions, and the opportunity to save even more on our garden seed kits.

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Cheers …

from the Humble Seed crew!

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